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MAKING IT Trailer 1

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What is "Making It"?

What is MAKING IT?

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“Making It” is a documentary film that explores the daily struggles of making a living, staying creative, and making it all up as we go along. The film focuses primarily on Eric FortuneAndrew Bawidamann, and Brian Ewing discussing education, their business model, and the future of Illustration but ultimately asking, what does “Making It” mean to each artist?

Andrew Bawidamann, Brian Ewing and Eric Fortune are three excellent artists who are in the middle of their careers. This stage of their journey is the toughest because they’re on the edge of success, “Making IT”. I believe many people in the world can relate to this. Few of us are ever born successful; 99% of us have to work hard and stay focused to achieve greatness. The journey is not a easy path, and in this film, we explore that path through the eyes of students, working professionals, and artists who are working at the top in their field.


The filmmakers goal was to make a film that had universal message. We all strive to create, to build, to make something. Exploring the ups and downs of a career was important to us. In the end, we wanted to have an honest conversation about the illustration community and its business practices.

This could have easily been a fluff piece about how cool or successful these artists are. But the truth is far more interesting and insightful. By getting an honest look into these artists’ lives, we’re hoping to help teach students or recent graduates about the struggles that lay ahead.

However, our goal was also to inspire. Yes, the path is going to be full of road blocks. But without actually following through and making something, one never knows what they could achieve.

The documentary also features interviews with artists and industry giants such as: Adam Hughes, Tara McPherson , Becky Cloonan, Jon Foster, Greg Manchess, C.F. Payne, Olivia, Mark Brooks, Irene Gallo, Iain McCaig, William Stout, Sam Weber, Dave McKean, and Mike Mignola.